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  • The following are "snapshots" of individual pages from several types of manuals we can produce for you

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    This is the “Cover Page” for a project we did.

    This page was designed for a water feature project that, before our repair, was continually getting suction line clogs. We re-piped the system to clear the clogs easily and inexpensively in the future. We provided clear, concise, easily understandable, instructions, on the job site, laminated for protection from the elements. This saved these property owners thousands of dollars in future repair and training costs.

    This is one page, out of a complete operating manual, that was designed for a client. The system is quite complex. The manual we designed covered the entire project.

    This is one page of text, out of a complete operating manual, that was designed for a client.

    This was designed for a client that has a “Hot Fill” Spa.

    This spa is all tile and remains empty until the client is ready to use it. The Spa has an 800,000 btu heater that can instantly heat the tap water supply to 120 degrees. An automatic valve blends this heated water with cold water to maintain a continuous 104 degree temperature while filling the spa.

    When the spa is in use an electric heater maintains the temperature.

    When the client is finished using the spa. The system is shut down and the water is drained from the spa.

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